Unlimited Range Shooting Association


1,400 Yards Not Far Enough Anymore?

How does 2,080 yards sound? 1.18 miles!!!

Competition starts at 2,000 yards in NorCal and SoCal!

SoCal is currently looking for a new Match Director and Target/Gear Maintainer/Transporter!


MD  responsibilities include:

1. Maintaining  a safe shooting environment (i.e., check for eyes and ears, bolts out or  retracted with open-chamber flag in place when it is not the shooter’s turn to  shoot); make sure all shooters and other persons present have signed/dated and  handed in their event release form (all persons) and build sheet (shooters)  before the beginning of each event.

2. Conducting  the event Shooter’s Meeting (briefly explain the possibility of vehicular  traffic and how to alert others if any appear; briefly repeat the CoF as  distributed to registered shooters prior to the each event; conduct a “secret”  shooter position drawing – numbers in the envelope/hat/whatever).

3. Managing  the progress of the event exactly according to the published CoF (announce and  control who is shooting, what stage of the event they are shooting – practice,  qual, record – and distance, max number of shots the shooter has, and announce  hits and misses). If there is a technical issue before an event, the matter  needs to get e-mailed to me and I’ll get back, by e-mail, to all involved.   If during an event, calling me (I provide the MD with my cell number) and,  except when I’m at church (about a 2.5 hour window from 0730-1000), the MD  should call me to get clarification or “call”.  NOTE: The CoF and “rules”  are provided to all either online or by e-mail before each event and in only  rare instances should an issue need to be escalated – one of the reasons I ask  everyone, if they have questions, to e-mail me before the event.

4.   Taking pics of the event winner and runner-up at the final target (as it is when  the event finishes).  Additional pics as opportunities permit.

5. Communicating  the results of each event to Facilitator (e-mail nice, clear, photos of the  event score sheets before leaving the event venue or ASAP, and, upon returning  home, promptly mail all release forms and build sheets to Facilitator using the  provided pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes).

6.   Making sure all the gear gets properly setup, taken down, and stored in the  transit vehicle – will require the assistance of others (helpers) under the  supervision of the MD.

NOTE:  This is an uncompensated, volunteer position. It does NOT preclude shooting the  events managed. However, the MD  will not score and/or record his/her own shooting.

Target/Gear  Maintainer/Transporter responsibilities include:

      1.  Providing a vehicle and getting the gear to and from the venue, in tact  and undamaged.

2.   Maintaining  the URSA-supplied targets/stands and IRIS gear (includes re-painting/touching up  target faces and re-taping between events; charging the batteries in the  lights/charger provided, changing out “consumable” equipment items (supplied by  or cost reimbursed by Facilitator), testing the IRIS gear before going to an  event, and advising Facilitator when non-consumable equipment needs  replacement).

3. Storing  and safeguarding the URSA-supplied targets/stands and IRIS gear between  events.

NOTE:  This is an uncompensated, volunteer position.

Contact Oscar at webmaster@unlimitedrange.org if you are interested!!!