March CCLRS Match

March match--3/23/19


50 rounds/57 points possible. Can participate either prone/bench or obstacles. 4 minute stages. Bench/Prone shooters can use any equipment. Positional shooters equipment can change per stage and match.  

1: “Tank Trap”. 2 shots from left leg. 3 shots from center. 2 shots from right leg. (2 bags) *Targets TBD

2: “Roof Top”.  4 shots from top, 4 shots from attic. 2 shots at each target.  (2 bags, bipod) 400 bell, 500 ram, 600 bell, 900 bell. (Special note, take extra care not to flag firing line when exiting attic)

3: “Call Your Shot-Barrels” 2 shots standing barrel, 2 shots sideways barrel, 3 shots longways barrel. Shooter gets 1 shot at each of the given yardages.  Shooter must call out big(1 point), or smallest(2 points) target.  (1 bag, bipod) 200, 400, 500, 600, 800, 900 x 2. (7 shots-14 possible points)

4: “No Gimmicks”. 10 power max on scope. Sling only. No other equipment allowed. 2 shots standing at 200, 2 shots kneeling at 400, 2 shots sitting at 500, 2 shots prone at 600.  *Positional shooters shoot big targets, bench/prone shooters shoot smallest gongs*

5:  “TYL/KYL-Tires” Test your limits, Know your limits.  5 shots starting from largest to smallest target at 700yds.  Each target = 1 point and cannot be lost.  Shooter then re-engages same targets with next 5 shots. Missing a target looses all points in KYL portion.  Shooter can choose to stop. (2 bags, bipod)

6: “CCLRS- far right firing line”.  5 shots prone no bipod allowed. 5 shots from table no chair allowed. (3 Bags) 2 shots at 1000, 2 shots 1100, 2 shots 1200, 2 shots 1300, 2 shots 1400. 

*: “Tie Braker” in the unlikely event of a tie. Shooters will dual starting at 1000 alternating 1 shot each until someone hits. If both hit on the same round, the dual continues to next farthest distance.

?: Pending obstacles.  (car, chair, stool, tires, pipes, ladder, buckets, logs...)