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  1. We live in Lancaster California. We belong to Desert Marksman and we have a 1000 yard range but can only use it occasionally. Can you shoot on your range at a thousand yards on a daily basis or only certain times? We come to Morro Bay often and would love to try your range do you have a schedule of competitions

    1. Ed, we try to keep the range open at least three days a week. Up until recent all of the RSO’s were volunteer club members which limit the days we can be open. For now, we will be open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

  2. I joined SLOSA a few weeks ago & paid the $50 fee to be a paid member of the LR Shooters club. How do I reserve a shooting bench at the Delta range for this Saturday, September 5th, 2020, from 12:30 to 4:00 pm?

  3. I found the site to reserve a bench at the Delta range, but all the Saturdays are blocked out or already reserved through January, 2021, which is as far as I looked. What’s up with that? Also, the Delta range is also supposed to be open on Sundays, but the reservation calendar does not show any Sundays. Are bench reservations allowed only on Saturdays?

      1. Robert,
        Thank you for looking into the bench reservation issue.
        Another question: how many Long Range competition matches like the upcoming October 10th match does the CCLRS club host per year? I’ve been doing various shooting competitions for almost 30 yr (NRA High Power Rifle, BPCR Silhouette & Midrange, etc), but haven’t done Tactical Rifle. Just got a .308 cal rifle in July & worked up two accuracy loads with Sierra & Berger match bullets, but haven’t had a chance yet to practice at longer ranges. So, if. theCCLRS club has several matches per year, I’d prefer to watch the 1st match , (& help out where needed) in order to learn what I need to know to shoot a tactical type match. However, if CCLRS hosts only 1 or 2 matches per year, then I may go ahead & enter the October 10th match.
        Any advice or suggestions?

        Thanks Robert!

        1. Due to the restrictions this year this may be our only match this year. I expect the majority of the shooters will be first time shooters to this type event. Therefore, we have designed this course to be just a fun day with no technical or advanced fundamentals. Just come out and shoot.

          1. Thanks, Robert! I talked to Chris G. at the range last weekend & gave me the rundown on the match. I’m already registered & looking forward to it!

  4. Have been a member of SLOSA for a number of years and just happened on a link to this website. Have joined now, but not sure of the location of the Delta Range. Would like to drop in and see how the operation works first. Location of this range and are drop in viewing allowed?

    1. We are in the area considered the back range. Drive past the action pistol area on the right and follow the road back.

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